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29.12.14 KIA KX3

Kia presented the competitor of Nissan Juke - Kia KX3.

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The parking becomes easier, thanks to the modern technologies.

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Interesting information for the electrical car BMW I3.

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Mercedes Benz will present the new modification of the model C63 AMG.

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Bentley will present the new model of the luxury full size limousine Bentley Mulsanne on the vehicle exhibition in Paris.

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The new model of the popular Nissan Micra will be manufactured by Renault for the European countries.

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Representatives of General Motors, which owns the make Chevrolet told that they put on stop sales the famous model Chevrolet Corvette.

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12.06.12 New VW Golf GTI

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The new Golf GTI will be lighter and faster than ever, and our images show how it could look when it arrives next year.The seventh-generation VW Golf GTI will head back to its roots by shedding 100kg and prioritising agile handling. At the same time, it will be more powerful, better equipped and safer than ever before.The Golf GTI invented the hot hatch class, and has a bloodline stretching back to 1976 – and when the latest model arrives at the end of 2013 it will again push the front-drive hatch boundaries.

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"Guinness" officially recognized six new record, set in September by the Swedish Koenigsegg Agera R.  Equiped with a five-liter V8  with two turbochargers and 1115 bhp, the car is still inferior to the Bugatti Veyron at top speed, but has recorded better times for acceleration to a designated speed and for a full stop test.

 Recognition of "Guinness" comes two months after the official measurement for the records after a thorough check of the parameters on which each new contender is being tested by the experts from the Book of Records. The achievements themselves were recorded by an independent inspector in the face of Racelogic VBox.

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car hire BulgariaUntil recently, the auto companies were not directly interested from the electricity and were using it only in production, like all other sectors in the industry. Now, with the massive introduction of the electric power, situation has changed.

  Audi is one of the first brands that demonstrate a concern about where in the future electric vehicles will be charged.  Their first effort involved in building a wind farm in the sea, is called the BARD Offshore 1. The facility was built 90 km from the shore.

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car hire BulgariaPanasonic and a group of eight Japanese companies are building an eco city near Tokyo. The project, called “Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town” will be built within a former plant of Panasonic, reported from GreenTech.bg.  

 Japanese electronics company and its’ partners will implement several innovative developments in the eco village. All the buildings and horizontal surfaces, and also the thousands of homes will be equipped with solar panels that will generate about 70% of electricity, said in a statement of the company.  

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 Renault started developing a super-low-cost car, BBC reported. However, the information is not yet officially confirmed, although rumors and speculation are already rolling in the web.

 It's about an urban small car which is mainly produced for the third world’s markets, but the car’s appearance in Europe is not impossible. The idea is that new budget car to become a direct competitor to the Tata Nano, which is currently the cheapest car in the world.

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Summer comes with its bright colors, hot sun and beautiful emotions. Comes time for the beach and cocktails with lots of ice to cool us.


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21.04.11 No smoking

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Nowadays there are more strict laws for the smokers. They are not allowed to smoke on  public places, fliying and car rental companies are also supporting the non-smoking initiative.

Though Car Hire Bulgaria is really easy many tourists and visitors choose public transport to go backwards and forwards from their destination points. The real reason for that is that using public transport in cities like Varna, Sofia or Plovdiv  is really easy also. However there are some issues that they probably haven’t considered like the value of using taxis on a regular basis.


17.03.2011 Current offers

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