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After numerous tests and experiments carried out with the new car, the manufacturer announced that the car will be stopped from production because of factory flaws. One major problem is caused by an error of airbags and found that many units, they will not open in an accident, which is absolutely an infringement and threatens the safety of drivers and passengers. Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most famous models, which is very liked and evaluated from the generations, and for those, who like high speed and strong feelings. The car is produced since 7 generations, which makes it a car with traditions.

All defective cars will be returned to the factory in Kentucky, United States, for inspection, testing and technical check. Fans of the brand will certainly expect their return on the market.

After the withdrawal of the model from the market, some people began to write all sorts of speculation and false things about some very serious problems with the vehicle. But these claims haven`t been confirmed by an official representatives or employee of the concern.

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