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 Renault started developing a super-low-cost car, BBC reported. However, the information is not yet officially confirmed, although rumors and speculation are already rolling in the web.

 It's about an urban small car which is mainly produced for the third world’s markets, but the car’s appearance in Europe is not impossible. The idea is that new budget car to become a direct competitor to the Tata Nano, which is currently the cheapest car in the world.

 The idea of ​​Carlos Ghon will be achieved thanks to the Indian company Bajaj, which signed a contract with Renault-Nissan alliance during the summer of the last year for the beginning of joint development of a completely new super cheap model.

 Initially it was claimed that the design, production and the construction will be done in Bajaj, but later it became clear that the project will be led by Gerard Deturbe, head of the so-called. “A platform” that affects just those budget developments.

 Since Renault has yet to comment on anything on the case, but experts say in order to displace Tata Nano, the new French-Indian budget proposal should be cheaper. The Internet rumors are saying the car price is from € 2500.

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