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New Year is one of the largest worldwide holidays. It is celebrated by all nations of the earth. They welcome it greeted with new dreams, new hopes, new desires and hopes of success and health in the New Year.
In Bulgaria traditionally feast is celebrated with many relatives, friends and family. The table is decorated with various types of dishes, it is important that we all have in abundance, so that the old year sent "affluence". Among the traditional dishes are: Cooked sauerkraut with pork chops, roast chicken stuffed with offal, rice with spicy and kavarma. Of course these are the main dishes like, there also should have plenty of salads, dressings and others. Prepare ritual bread and pastry with fortune. The desserts are often pumpkin pie or appl pie, but in recent years more often turkish delights and cake. Above all, there must be lots of raw fruits and nuts, and dried fruits. A festive table is censed, then owner rotate the tray with pie with fortune and everyone should take a piece that has stopped in front of him. Table must be very rich of beverages - alcoholic and nonalcoholic.
After the sending of the old year, everyone sees what he has drawed from the pie, and what will be the luck in the New Year. During the first day of the New Year is typical toddlers with cornel twigs - Survakari to say New Year blessings, and then they get a coin from older.

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