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Parking has always been an integral component of driving. Nowadays it is extremely important to be able to park because the traffic especially in large cities is constantly growing. Sometimes you need to be extremely fast and eroded, so you can park without unpleasant consequences. In the last decade more parking systems entered from simple to fully robotic parking computers with specialized software, performing the entire process. Assistance systems typically use cameras rear and front view, and sensors by showing the driver's overall action to be carried out. Autonomous parking assistants perform all the action for you, controlling the steering wheel and pedals.

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At the moment, the major manufacturers have already established their own systems and development featured in new cars and offers "automatic parking." More mainstream systems developed by industry-leading, almost autonomous, as you are required pressing the brake and gas at a time. Several modern cars have the latest technologies offer extra full to park the car for you, and it seamlessly, this is done by pressing a single button.

The future will provide unique innovations that will offer to almost all drivers to park their car without "doing anything" and complete control systems for parking and other autopilot via smartphone or tablet.

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