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For those who prefer big and comfortable family cars, the manufacturer presented the new hybrid version of the sedan car Hyundai Sonata. Except the gasoline engine with capacity of 2 l and 156 hp the car is equipped with electrical engine with 52 hp with 2 boosted LI-ion batteries. The fuel consumption of the car will be about 5,5 l/100 km. The manufacturer considered that the car is with improved aerodynamic elements. It is equipped with new generation transmission with small sizes for low fuel consumption.

In South Korea the model has been released for sale, but it will be released in other countries in the middle of 2015. Except that model, Hyundai plans to manufacture the version of Sonata with possibility to be charged in the electrecity which will be a great advantage. It is planned the car to be on affordable price - about 27 000 dollars.

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