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Summer comes with its bright colors, hot sun and beautiful emotions. Comes time for the beach and cocktails with lots of ice to cool us.
One of the most popular summer drinks are those with a fresh and light taste.
Mojito - A combination of refreshing citrus and mint scent masks the strong effect of intoxicating rum cocktail and make suitable for summer.
Daiquiri - cocktail was born more than 100 years near an iron mine in Cuba, which was called Daiquiri, named after the nearby beach. White rum, lime juice and one teaspoon of sugar ... mmm
Kayperinya - The main ingredient of Kaypirinyata was born on the plantations of the Portuguese settlers in Brazil over 400 years. They give it to slaves because they noticed that the drink makes them more energetic.



Saúde (port. Cheers)!

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