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There was made another step towards improving the road safety in Europe. From this month on, all new cars models, sold in the European Union, must be equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

 The main purpose of ESP is to maintain the vehicle’s trajectory according to the driver’s desired  direction, given to the wheels through the steering system. This system recognizes critical driving situations and prevents the car’s swerving the road.

 The electronic stabilization unit detects the type of instability on the basis of the data from special sensors and manages the cars’ direction by  corrections in the braking system and engine. ESP slows down the inner rear wheel. At the same time it reduces the engine power until the vehicle is stabilized again.

 ESP includes as it’s components the integrated systems ABS (antilock braking system) and TSC (traction control system). TSC prevents the slipping during acceleration by providing maximum traction between tires and road, and when the ABS and TSC systems work together during movement in the longitudinal direction, ESP helps the driver to control lateral movements, leading to skidding and drifting.

 According to statistics, this system can prevent 80% of  bad accidents, which occurred  due to the vehicle’s skidding. Scientists, who are developing passive and active safety systems, believe that ESP is the most important system after the belt.

 Research from 2010 shows that 63% of all new cars in Europe are equipped with electronic stability program. In our country, unfortunately, this percentage is lower because all low-cost vehicles (generally speaking, these up to 30 000 leva) are not equipped with standard ESP. The good news is that this will now change.

 According to  forecasts of leading specialists from Bosch, this will affect other global markets and during  2013 every second new car in the world will be equipped with electronic stability program.

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