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car hireJapanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone presented wheels who do not need air. The idea is not new. In 2006, Michelin demonstrated a similar development with the name Tweel (from Tire and Wheel). The French project, however, was terminated because of problems with cooling and vibration at high speeds.

The Japanese do not intend to give up so easily and swear that their innovative tire will reach the conveyor. The wheels’ spokes are made of thermoplastic resin. Such design exclude the risk of rupture.

Besides safety, the new development will have а beneficialon the environment. Because of improperly inflated tires worldwide annually are spend millions of gallons of excess fuel. Japanese tire can be fully recycled, which will change landfills’landscape a bit.

car hireBridgestone first demonstrated samples of its new tire in Tokyo. They are 9-inch and have a capacity of 150 kg. So far, the only serious problem technology is facing is the protection from objects that may fall between the spokes. The Japanese are still testing the tires on a small electric vehicle and continue to struggle with the reliability.

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