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Among the latest trends in the automotive industry is the production of electric cars. They weave together modern technologies and extras.The Giant BMW also introduced several models including the fully electric BMW I3. The electric car has an extravagant appearance and 170 horsepower, as its own weight is about 1.250 kg. Eye-catching are the interesting rear doors, which are significantly smaller and resemble sports car series RX 8 of Mazda. The interior of the car is very fresh - used entirely recycled natural materials that give it an authentic look. Its environmental materials focus on zero emission of harmful substances.


Among the advantages of the model are an excellent design, many extras, such relatively powerful engine, and single charge can go up to 160-170 km combined driving. Catalogue maximum driving speed is 150 km/h, but tests show that it reaches 155 km/h. BMW I3 impresses with its innovative design and very good acceleration 0-100 km, for only 7.2 seconds.

Car with similar qualities will be very welcomed by fans of the brand and of those with the environment in mind. The price of the model is not low, but it is normal for such electric car wit these parameters .


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