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car hire BulgariaUntil recently, the auto companies were not directly interested from the electricity and were using it only in production, like all other sectors in the industry. Now, with the massive introduction of the electric power, situation has changed.

  Audi is one of the first brands that demonstrate a concern about where in the future electric vehicles will be charged.  Their first effort involved in building a wind farm in the sea, is called the BARD Offshore 1. The facility was built 90 km from the shore.

  The next year this wind generators’s count will grow and produce four times more electricity. The total power that comes from the BARD Offshore 1 will be 400 megawatts. After a year the wind generators will generate 53 gigawatts - electricity, enough for a small town.

  Audi does not intend to supply with electricity a town in Germany. The idea of the engineers is the energy, produced by the constant winds in the sea, to go to power plants to charge electric cars from the new electric family e-tron.

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