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Car Hire Bulgaria in 3 Steps
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Useful Tips for booking car hire online

Advices which would help you to book easy and secure car hire

Main steps of booking process

For your convinience, our booking system works in only 3 easy steps. On first step you should fill the pick up and drop off dates, locations, and time. The system shows available car classes and their providers for your rental period. On the second step, you can easy compare car hire offers from our partners. It is easy to find what is included in the price of our supplier. You could choose the best conditions for you. On the third - final step, when you have chosen your car, you could choose any additional extras as (GPS, Baby Seat, Wifi and others). Fill the layers and make a partial prepayment to complete your booking.

Car Details

First Step

When choosing a car, you should pay attention to the circumstances and carefully choose the car for you. Try to make a reservation in advance, because it is harder to find a car for last minute reservations, especially during the high seasons. It is very important to know exact how luggage and passengers will use the vehicle, because it would be very inconvenient, if you need a big trunk for many luggage and you booked mini or economy class car. If you are 4 or 5 adult passengers, we suggest to book station wagon or minivan instead of mini or economy class, because it would be very uncomfortable especially on longer distances.

Second Step

Pay attention to our partners' conditions. Our suppliers have additional taxes for different things (airport taxes, delivery fees, fuel charges and etc). Do not forget to look at their terms and conditions. If you do not want to have unexpected charges and fees, read everything. The price for extras is different too, and usually is calculated per day. If you have any other questions, let us know.

Security deposit is sum, which guarantees the condition of the car, or it would cover eventually damages caused by the customer. Take a look at security deposit price. It is different at every car hire company, and usually depends on car class. But some companies calculate the price by their on, and may not depend on the car class. It has to be paid on arrival by credit card or in cash.

Third Step

The other important thing are the insurances. Even the best driver could have accident on his fault. It could free you from additional charges in case of accident or damages to the car. We suggest to choose additional insurance for your calmness.





1. The included insurance does not cover the damages of tires, windshield, undercarriage and interior of the car.
2. All cars have included VAT and road taxes
3. With every car you get free additional driver.



1. If you cancel the reservation to 72 hours before the rental period, you will not be charged.
2. Every car has 24 hours break down assistance 7 days a week.
3. Some of our providers want to pay the fuel when getting the car.


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