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General information about Borovets

Car Hire Bulgaria offers you cheap car hire in Borovets too. We have searched and compared the best car hire deals in Borovets, specially for you. Borovets is the oldest and the largest ski resort in Bulgaria. It is located in the south-western part of Bulgaria, in the northern foot of Rila Mountain, in a forest area just under the Mussala peak. The resort’s average elevation is 1350 meters above the sea level and is easily accessible. It is 70 kilometers away from the capital Sofia and 120 kilometers away from Plovdiv. The resort is very popular among the citizens of Sofia because of the short distance from the capital city. Gene rations of Bulgarians have had their first ski experience there. The ski tracks in Borovets still keep memories of the great champions Petar Popangelov, Ingemar Stenmark, and Marc Girardelli.

Sites around Borovets

Borovets is a modern and fully developed first-class ski resort Borovets liftwith luxury hotels, restaurants, discos, shops, and a good choice of ski tracks and lifts. Borovets has its own street of culinary pleasures. It is located opposite the Rila Hotel. The mountain in Borovets is covered with snow from the middle of December till April. Car hire in Borovets offers you the availability to easily travel to Sofia and Plovidv and other winter resorst. The resort offers 18 ski tracks with a total length of 40 kilometers. The biathlon and cross-country ski tracks start just 2 kilometers from the center of the resort and have a total length of 18 kilometers. Borovets is the only winter resort in Bulgaria offering cross-country ski. The ski center is serviced by 14 tows, 3 chair-lifts, and 1 cable car.

Borovets lift between the trees

The cable transport equipment can transport 13000 people per hour. There are eight artificial snow generators in Bansko. There are also some good ski schools with more than 200 ski-instructors speaking many foreign languages, which are available to the tourists there. You can ski at night in Borovets and the mountain rescue service works non-stop. Fans of snowboarding and extreme skiing have not been neglected since there are many slopes and plenty of opportunities for off-course thrills. The hot heads will enjoy the northern slopes of Mussala peak, the western slopes of Deno peak, Irechek peak and Lavinata. In addition to skiing, there are also nice places for walking around Borovets.

Borovets view

Tsarska Bistritsa Palace is within a ten-minute walk from the new center of Borovets. It used to be a hunting lodge to King Ferdinand and is now owned by his grandson, Simeon Sax Coburg Gotha. In 2003, royalties from all over the world went there to celebrate the wedding of his daughter, Kalina. Tourists can visit the palace on every day of the week with the exception of Monday. In Tsarska Bistritsa Palace, tourists can see unique hunting trophies, beautiful retro furniture, and hundreds of pictures of the Bulgarian royal family. Book a cheap car hire in Borovets you will witness the beauty of the Bulgarian nature.


1. The things that you have to ware with you when skiing are: sun protection cream; sun glasses; ski equipment and others.
2. Borovets is the longest ski center and with the biggest capacity of ski tracks as well.
3. Borovets is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria.



1. Borovets has a great ski tracks and hotels. You should visit it!.
2. The closest city near Borovets is Samokov. It is 10 km far from it. You can use car hire service to go there.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


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