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General information about Bansko

The town of Bansko is located in the northern slopes of Pirin Mountain, at an elevation of 925 meters above the sea level. Its population is 12000 people. It is located 160 kilometers away from the capital Sofia and 180 kilometers away from Plovdiv. Bansko is served by two airports – Sofia airport and Plovdiv airport. We can offer you very cheap car hire in Bansko, as we have compared the most well known, reputable, companies offering car hire in Bansko. Renting a car is recommended because of the flexibility that it provides. Bansko is one of the best and the most modern places for skiing east of the Alps. The ski conditions in Bansko are without any doubt the best on the Balkan Peninsula. According to Great Skiing and Snowboarding guide-book, Bansko is number one in Europe in terms of fast development.

Sites around Bansko

BanskoThe ski facilities are located right in the heart of Pirin Mountain, just below the peak Todorka. You can get there by a six-seat cable car that goes from the town. Many hotels provide a shuttle bus to the ski lift station. It is recommended that you go to the ski tracks even if you do not ski as they provide a very beautiful view of the mountains. The resort provides 14 ski tracks with a total length of 65 kilometers. There are a lot of ski rental shops around. The resort is equipped with 44 artificial snow generators, which, if necessary, can cover up to 80% of the ski tracks with artificial snow. In addition to the main lift, there are a number of open-seat lifts. In addition to day tickets for the lifts, you can also buy multiday or half-day tickets. For a certain charge, skiers can be transported to some of the tracks by helicopters.


With its snowboard park and children’s ski school, Bansko is a real paradise for snowboarders. The potentially dangerous sections of the ski tracks are equipped with safety fences. The local ski school provides experienced instructors. The mountain rescue service works non-stop during the winter season. There are two tracks that have lighting systems allowing skiing at night. More than 350 000 tourists visit Bansko every year. A high percentage of them are foreigners. Besides being the fastest developing ski resort, Bansko is also a town with an interesting cultural and historical heritage. The town charms its visitors with its unique architecture.


Its pride is the St. Troitsa Church. Built in 19th century, when the country was still under the Ottoman rule, the temple is the largest Orthodox Church in Bulgaria. There are numerous traditional Bulgarian restaurants and taverns located in Bansko. They offer cuisine traditional for Bulgaria and for Bansko itself. There are also many cafés and bars located in the town center. Bansko is a great place to visit in the summer, as well, because it provides good opportunities for hiking. Vihren, which is the highest peak of Pirin Mountain, is located a day’s walk away from the town. The Bansko Jazz Festival is held there in the beginning of August every year. There are many things to do in the city. Book a cheap car hire in Bansko and you will be amazed by its beauty.


1. The ski center's highest point is on 2560 meters.
2. The ski season in Bansko starts in December and ends in May.
3. There are over 130 architectural-historical monuments in Bansko.
4. National park “Pirin” is announced as a world significance area by UNESCO since 1983.



1. Bansko is a host of Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup in 2011.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Sofia is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


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