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General information about Velingrad

Velingrad is beautiful town located between green mountain hills with wonderful clean air. The town is famous with its mineral springs and great possibilities for balneological, recreational and SPA tourism. It is located on 130 km from the capital city in Bulgaria - Sofia and 80 km from the second biggest town in the country - Plovdiv. Beautiful nature, extremely clear air and mineral springs are the main reason for Velingrad, to be one of the most preferred SPA resorts on the Balkans. The town is located on about 800 metres above sea level.

Sites around Velingrad


The area around has very rich historical past. Near the top of Ostrets have been found many remains of pottery from the 6th - 1st century B.C. The town has been established in 1948 unifying three villages, but it is considered that the region has been ihabited by the Slavs and Thracians. Near Velingrad is located the ancient fortress Tsepina which is historical monuments with national meaning. The fortress is built on cliff mountain top, and was an administrative centre of the area. Four of the walls have been renovated and a small church. In the foot of the mountain could be seen an exhibition which shows the discoveries and artefacts found during the excavations. Find and book the best car hire offer in Velingrad, fast, easy and reliable with our system. Velingrad is covered by dense green forests which provide breath taking views. The area is rich of endangered fiels and territories. Except that, Velingrad is popular with the biggest karst spring in the country which provides up to 1200 litres per second.


Velingrad is famous with its abundance of spring water. There are more than 90 mineral springs which are often used as a curative and good for health properties. These wonderful springs are perfect for those who have problems with breathing, skin and other problems. There are many mineral pools too. In Velingrad you could enjoy the curative properties of the water or just relax among this wonderful nature. The wildlife around the town is extremely rich. There are many animal and plant species, some of them are extra rare and endangered.
Historical museum - The museum is one of the most interesting sites of the town - there could be seen many interesting items and artifacts, but the biggest exhibition is of Easter painted eggs.
One of the most interesting sites around are: Nature phenomenons - cliff forms with strange appearance called Pobit Kamak, the region Iundola - which is preferred place for summer and winter tourism. Around Velingrad have many interesting caves with different sizes. There could be visited some of the most famous dams in Bulgaria as Belmeken, Sarnitsa, Batak and others.


There are many accommodation opportunities in Velingrad and a lot of pubs, restaurants, sanatoriums, SPA centres and others. Around Velingrad could be visited also many interesting mountain resorts and during the summer or winter.
You could visit Velingrad and the area with car hire from the airports in the country or with direct delivery to Velingrad. Our partners offer deliveries to the cities and the resorts in Bulgaria. Choose cheap rental car for your trip.

The biggest providers for rental cars in the country have offices in big cities and the resorts. Some of them provide free delivery to some locations and resorts. Compare and choose the best car hire deal in Velingrad.


1. The average  annual temperature is 18.7 degrees C .
2. The hottest water in Velingrad is in the neighborhood Kamenitza - 91 degrees C.
3. The top where is located the sanctuary is with height 1369 metres.



1.  It's easy to go there by car.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Velingrad is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


Video of Velingrad

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