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General information about Troyan

Troyan is beautiful town located in the central part of the country. Located on the foot of the moutain along the Beli Osam river, this beautiful town is only on 165 km from Sofia, 322 km from Varna, 339 km from Burgas and only about 120 from Plovdiv. Troyan is also popular with the various crafts practiced there. The town has ancient historical past and the Troyan monastery nearby. The excavations show that on the place of the contemporary town was located a thracian village. It is considered that the name of the town comes from the old Roman way - Via Trayana. There is the famous Troyan ceramic shool too. The region successfully develops tourism because of its perfect nature conditions.


Sites around Troyan

Troyan and the area have many interesting sites which are highly preferred among the tourists.

  • Monastery of Troyan
    Its the third biggest monastery in the country and is located on only few kilometres away with car hire from Troyan, along the Cherni Osam river and extremely picturesque area. The monastery offers interesting architecture and a opportunity for accommodation. There are a few traditional restaurants nearby.
  • Museum of Crafts
    The unique national museum of crafts is situated at the heart of Troyan. The exhibitions of the museum include a few different thematical items. Some of the items are found near ancient Necropolis of the theritory of the contemporary town and are dated from 10 century B.C.
  • Natural Science Museum
    It includes a 3 halls and is located in Cherni Osam village. TroyanThe exhibitions of the museum includes about 700 plant and animal species which belong to the Central part of the mountain. There is also a visitor's centre.
  • Exhibition of tradition and crafts
    Located near the Troyan monastery it represents the various crafts and its masters from different parts of the country and abroad. There is also a market where could be bought an interesting hand crafted items.

Near Troyan passage is located also an area called Beklemeto which offers wonderful conditions for relax and ski runs.


Around the town there are and a few natural reserves which have preserved an authentic species. There could be visited a lot of interesting natural sites, monuments, caves and many others with rental car. It is easy to visit all these interesting sites offered by region with best car hire deal from our website. In and around Troyan have many options for accommodation - there are a lot of hotels, guest houses, rest stations and villas.

Troyan In proximity to Troyan has also good balneological resorts and villages with mineral springs and good opportunities for rural tourism. Our site compares best deals for rent a car in Troyan. You could easy search, compare and find the best car hire offer and make online reservation with our website. The car could be picked up from the airports or from the resorts where our providers have offices.



1. Beklemeto is the final destination of many tourist routes.
2. There is also a ski resort near Troyan.
3. There could be seen also the ruins of the Roman fortress Sostra.


1.There are offices for rent a car on the Airports which make very easy to go to Troyan.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed is 50 km/h in Troyan and 90 km/h outside it.
3. Always keep the keys and the documents of the rented car, do not leave it in the car!


Video of Troyan

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