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General information about Sozopol

Sozopol is located on 36 km away from Burgas. The town is located on small peninsula on the South-eastern part of the country. There is an airport near Sozopol – in Burgas, and in Varna, which is located on 160 km on the North. The most comfortable way to visit the area is with a rental car from the airports.

Sozopol is one of the old settled towns on Bulgarian sea coast. It has successfull preserved its history and spirit, which have created the unique atmosphere of the Old town – more than 26 centuries.

Car Hire in Sozopol It is considered that the ancient people have been settled the area around in 610 B.C. It was established a greek colony named Apolonia – on the name of Greek God Apolon.

Till II century B.C. the area was settled by Thracian tribes, this was proved by archeological work under the sea water. There have been found a ruins from homes, stone weapons and tools from the Bronze Age. And also a lot of stone anchors and sticks. It is considered that it is from 2nd century B.C. The last discoveries evidenced for a shipping in the region since ancient times.

On the theritory of Sozopol have been found ancient greek art productuions, made in classic style from marble and precious metals and ceramic tableware. In that times in Apolonia has been developed construction – have been built a lot of temples and public housings. The citizens of Apolonia accepted the Christianity, and the town has been renamed to Sodzopolis in 5th century B.C, the name is close to the present name Sozopol and means “Town of Salvation”. In the beginning of 813 Sozopol has been involved in the theritory of first Bulgarian Kingom, ruled by khan Krum.

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After the occupation of the otomans on this places in 1453, the town has been demolished, the temples and monasteries were destructed. Sozopol has suffered decline, the population became slaves. In the beginning of XIX century, after the Liberation from the Otomans, Sozopol took back its important meaning. It started to built and renovate temples and churches, and some of them could be seen nowadays.

At the moment in Sozopol there are 2 working churches. The church St. George, built in 1828, on the place of the old Basilika, is considered as the biggest in the town. In honor of patroness St. Mary was renovated the church “St. Mary” in 1969. The church has 3 parts and is under the protection of Unesko. The church is very spacious and shows unique carved murals from XIX and the throne was made by the carvers from Macedonia. At the moment the feast of the town is celebrating on 18 of July – which is also a feast of icons. The contemporary Sozopols is preserving very carefully its historical heritage. There are about 180 protected buildings, built around XVIII-XIX century. Between it there are historical monuments as: Old academy, owned by the fish merchant Dmitry Laskaridis, which is an art gallery at the moment.

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The exhibition in the museum includes interesting objects like: 8 ships, which are from ancient times from different sailors, anchors, pottery and Greek vases from V century B.C.

At the moment Sozopol is one of the most attractive sea resorts in Bukgaria. For the last few years were built a lot of hotels around the beach.

There are more than 600 restaurants, taverns, pubs, disco clubs, entertainment facillities, working for the good mood of the tourists. The menu includes a great entrees, and also a fresh fish and meat foods.

Sozopol is different from the others sea resorts in Bulgaria. The hotels here are quite and the atmosphere and peacefull small streets, give the silence for a relaxing holiday on the sea side. Thanks to its atmosphere Sozopol attracts and the poets, writers, artists, actors and other representative of arts professions. The combination of beautiful old architecture and extraordinary conditions for a holiday, Sozopol meets all the requirements of the visitors, and established itself as important cultural centre.

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In some resorts in Bulgaria there are traditions to making a celebrations in the name of Neptun. Sozopol celebrates that feasts in the summer season. For the preparation for this great feast Sozopol has all necessaries – two wonderful beaches. The town beach is located in small bay, protected from the north winds. It is a great place for holiday with children. The sand is small covered with fine white sand, whith pleasent shoals near the shore. The each Harmanite is located sothern from peninsula, and is comparatively empty even in the heart of the summer season, which makes it perfect for those, who preferred a quite vacation and sunbathing. Harmanite beach is wonderful with clear water and fine sands. There are a lot of possibilities for entertainment: flight with hang glider and parasailing, water wheels, water ski and surfing. For children on the shore made many swings, water slides and playgrounds, and in the new part of the town there is a park, which offers a great conditions for entetainment.



1. Sozopol means "Town of Salvation"
2. In 813 the theritory of Sozopol was involved in the borders of The first Bulgarian Kingdom
3. On the 18 of July is the feast of the town
4. There are about 180 objects, which were built between 
XVIII-XIX century.


1. There is a car hire service on the Airport of Burgas which make it easy to go Downtown.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Burgas is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


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