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General information about Smolyan

Smolyan is beautiful small, mountaint town with unique nature and clear air. It is located in the central part of the most spacious mountain in the country - Rhodopi mountain. The distance from Smolyan to the capital of Bulgaria is 246 km, 322 km from Burgas and 104 km away from Plovdiv. It is located in the valley of Black River. The area around the town has diversity of tourist sites with national, historical and cultural meaning. There are also many winter and mountain resorts around Smolyan. The town is established from unification of 3 big villages, but the history of the area is since the bronze Age.

Sites around Smolyan


The discoveris found in the region of Smolyan are from the end of the Bronze Age - around 13 century B.C. During the excavations have been found many ancient items and objects, and a Thracians tombs too. The mountain of Rodopi is considered as the sacred mountain of the Thracians, and a birth place of Orpheus. The nature and tourist sites make the area very preferred and visited. Smolyan could be a start point for your trip to the resorts in the area. They are very various and has different ways to enjoy, and many places to visit. Smolyan attracts with many interesting cultural monuments as: Architectural complex - Old houses in the Cheshitskata Mahala neighborhood. It is the oldest neighborhood in the living area Raikovo, with very beautiful houses, built after 1835. To the end of 19 century was built the Cheshitskata fountain, where flows curative water according to the legends. In Smolyan have many interesting place, which you have to visit with rental car.


Some of the most interesting places to visit in Smolyan are:

  • Regional historical museum - Stoyu Shishkov
  • - The exhibition shows the history of the area and is named - "Cultural historical treasure of Rhodopi mountain since antiquity till nowadays".
  • Planetarium with astronomical observatory - It is the biggest in the country and started working in 1975. There could be seen many interesting programs and science projects.
  • Church Visarion Smolenski
  • - It is the biggest orthodox temple in the south part of the country and is named on Smolyan local Bishop and Martyr.
  • The Smolyanski ezera lakes
- It is located under the cliffs of Orpheus and uther the Snejanka mountain top. In the past there were 20 lakes, but at the moment are only 7, and the rest of it are swamps. The lakes are perfect for camp and fishing among the nature.
Eco road Nevyastata Near Smolyan is located also the reserve Soskovcheto and the eco road called The canyon of the waterfalls.


Smolyan is very picturesque mountain town located near many interesting sites - with rental cars Smolyan you could easy visit caves, reserves, endangered areas and famous resorts as: Tsigov Tshark, Pamporovo, Bansko, Borovets, Batak or to enjoy the authentic architecture and great atmosphere of the mountain villages located between the hills.
You could visit the town Smolyan and the area with rent a car from the airports or with direct delivery to Smolyan. Choose cheap car hire for your trip. Our partners provide deliveries to the reosorts and town.



1. Smolyan is one of the towns in Bulgaria with many community centres.
2. The planetarium, which is the largest in the Balkans is visited by more than 2,500,000 people in 35 years.
3. There is theatre - called Rhodope dramatical theatre Nikolay Haitov.
4. Near Smolyan is located one of the most preferred and visited winter resorts - Pamporovo.



1. There is a car hire service on the Airport of Burgas, Sofia and plovdiv which make it easy to go to Smolyan.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Smolyan is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


Video of Smolyan


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