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General information about Samokov

Samokov is beautiful, small mountain town, located between mountain tops with wonderful nature and landscapes. The town is located on only 55 km from the capital - Sofia and just a few minutes by car from one of the most preferred winter resorts in Bulgaria - Borovets. Samokov is situated in Samokov Valley, which is about 1000 metres above sea level. The location of Samokov is extremely convenient - it is between many historical, cultural and other interesting places to visit. The town has established itself as popular winter resort, which is visited even in summer, from those, who prefer the fresh air and wonderful landscapes. The climate of the town is specific, cold during the winter and a cool in the summer season. The area is very rich of water resources and 2 of the 7 Rilski lakes are located nearby.

Sites around Samokov


Samokov has rich historical past, and was inhabited since very anceint times. It is believed that many years ago there was a Roman village, but it was burnt down by the Barbarians. Near the town have been found monastery complex and early Christian Basilica, which are influenced by the Roman architecture. The region is popular during the ages with its well developed Iron industry. Before falling of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule, Samokov was cultural centre of the area. Around Samokov could be visited many monasteries and churches, some of them have very rich and interesting historical past. There are also some national nature parks as: National park Rila - which is the biggest national park in the country, Central Rila Reserve - the biggest on the Balkans - included the biggest mountain top in the country, and also many endagered areas.


In Samokov could be visited the Historical museum too. The most famous monasteries in the area are:

  • Female Monastery Shroud Pr. Mother
  • - established in 1772 from grandma Fota as a small hostel.
  • Church St. Nikola
  • - built in the period between 1859 - 1860. In the yard of the church have been buried famous people.
  • The church Blessed Virgin
  • - The church has been built in 1835 and preserves icons from Samokov famous artists.
  • Metropolitan church
  • - built in 18-19 century, has an unique wood carvings.
  • The church of Belio
- is late-medieval church and is built on the ruins of old Christian churches.
Samokov has very good agricultural and touristic conditions. Samokov is important place for winter sports during winter season. Near the town are located the resort Borovets, ski resort Govedartsi and tourist resort Maliovitsa with the famous hut Maliovitsa - which is preferred tourist place during all seasons.


Around Samokov - between mountain hills and clean air could be visited many other huts, in the forest.
You could visit Samokov and the area with rental car from the airports or by direct delivery to Samokov. Our partners offer deliveries to the cities and resorts in Bulgaria. Choose cheap car hire for your trip.

Enjoy your trip to Samokov and that wonderul picturesque area with breath taking views and extremely fresh and clean air with rent a car in Samokov.


1. You could go skiing in Samokov, even in May.
2. The first settlers were the Romans.
3. Around Samokov has many good luxury hotels and complexes.
4. In Samokov are located 2 of the 100 National monuments of the country - Historical Museum and Female monastery.



1.  It's easy to go there by car.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Samokov is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


Video of Samokov

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