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General information about Ruse

Ruse is the fifth biggest city in Bulgaria. It is located on the south coast of the river Danube, on 200 km on the north from Varna and 300 km from the capital of the country - Sofia. Thanks to the bridge over the river Danube, Ruse is one of the most important transport centres in Bulgaria. The architecture of the city is similar with those of Vienna, and thats why its called "the small Vienna". In Ruse could be seen many architectural monuments from the different architecture styles: Neobaroque, Modernism, Neoclassicism and Secession. Ruse is mandatory destination for your trip in the Danube plane. Near Ruse are located and 2 international airports - Bucharest and Varna. On the airports are located and the offices of our partners for rent a car.

Sites around Ruse


The city has very rich past - over 20 centuries of history. Ruse attracts visitors with many cafes, great architecture with strong Austro-Hungarian influence - beautiful buildings with interesting and colorful lights. There could be visited and a few interesting museums. In the area around Ruse are located also: Ancient fortress, cliff monasteries and many many others in the national park Rusenski Lom. Find and book the best offers for rental car in Ruse, fast, easy and reliable with our system.


Other interesting objects which could be visited with rented car are:

Pantheon of Bulgarian Revival is memorial ossuary which was found in 1978, 100 years after the liberation of Bulgaria. In the Pantheon are located the remains of Bulgarian revolutionaries and revivals as Luben Karavelov, Zahari Stoyanov, Toma Kirdzhiev, Atanas Uzunov, Olimp Panov, Dragan Tsankov and others. Pantheon in Ruse is listed as one of the 100 national tourist sites.

  • Ivanovo Rock Monasteries
  • is complex from churches and monk places carved into the rocks. It is located on 21 km south-west from Ruse and is near the village of Ivanovo. The complex was established in the beginning of 13th century by the monk with name Joakim, later he become Bulgarian Patriarch. The Bulgarian kings Ivan Asen the 2nd nad Ivan Alexander, and other representatives of the kingdom were donators of the monastery. It contains a few premises carved into the rocks. In six of the premises are preserved murals, which reveal specifics of Bulgarian religious art between the 13th and 14th century. Ivanovo Rock Monasteries are listed in the book of UNESKO.
  • Nature Park Rusenski Lom
  • It is located on 20 km on the south from Ruse, and is named on the name of the famous river - Rusenski Lom. The size of the park is about 500 ha, and includes the reserve "Rock monasteries". In Rusenski Lom could be seen over 90 mammals species, 22 fish species, 190 bird species, 10 reptile species. There has been found ruins from ancient Thracian villages and sanctuaries.
  • Regional historical museum
  • There could be seen more than 130 000 items and artifacts, as the Borovo treasure - a service from five ritual vessels dating from the 4th century. B.C
  • Museum of urban life -
  • It is known as the home of Kaliopa. The exhibition shows the interior of the rich family from Ruse until end of 19 and the beginning of 20th century. There could be seen beautiful hand made murals from the Austrian painter Charles Shausberg.
  • House Museum of Zahari Stoyanov -
  • There has 2 exhibitions - the first is for the poet and revival Zahari Stoyanov, and the second shows the history of the Ruse family Obretenovi, and their participation in the activities for the liberation of Bulgaria.
  • Fortress Saksiginta Prista -
  • It is called on the old name of the city, which was given by the Romans and means - Port for 60 ships. The opened exhibition shows the size of the fortress, and part of the discoveries are preserved in the historical museum in Ruse.
  • National transport museum -
  •  It is located in the building of the firts railway station in Bulgaria. Between the most interesting exhibits are the wagons of King Ferdinand and king Boris the 3rd, and also the private wagon of Sultan Abdul Azis. In the building of the museum has 3 halls, which show the history of the railway transport and other types of transport.
  • The income building -
It is beautiful municipal building, located in the centre of Ruse. It was built between 1901 and 1902, and has impressive architecture with seven figures on the top.


They are symbol of the science, agriculture, arts, crafts, trading, security and the freedom. Over all is the symbol of the trading - Mercury.
You could visit Ruse and the area with car hire from the airports in the country or with direct delivery to Ruse. Our partners offer deliveries to the cities and the resorts in Bulgaria. Choose cheap car hire for your trip.

The biggest providers for rental cars in the country have offices in big cities and the resorts. Some of them provide free delivery to some locations and resorts. Compare and choose the best car hire deal in Ruse.



1. In Ruse was built the first iron ship in the history of the country.
2. Ruse gave the beginning of the firts oil refinery.
The first private bank was built in Ruse.


1.  It's easy to go there by car.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Ruse is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


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