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General information about Primorsko

Primorsko is situated on a small peninsula on the Black Sea coast, between the bays Stamopolo and Devil at the foot of the Strandja Mountain. It is 26 km. south of Sozopol, 52 km. south of Bourgas 442 km. southeast of Sofia. The entire coast around Primorsko is strewn with the ruins of ancient and great cities. The walls of the longest running location in the region - Ranuli, rise of the hill, now called "Vulchanovo Kale." In ancient times there was alarge coastal city- Ranuli. The area that now surroundsthe walls is about 30 acres. Historians say this is one of the largest fortresscities in Bulgaria. In the middle centuries itwas a regional center. History and culture of the city are connected with the ancient Thracians. The entire coast around Primorsko is strewn with ruins. Today the walls of one of the largest fortified cities in Bulgaria – Ranuli, with a surrounding area of ??30 acres. In the city have been found four sanctuaries, 12 dolmens and 10 mound necropolises. The most interesting monument was the sanctuary “Beglik tash”, which represents the cult of the sun. It was discovered in 2003at about 2-3 km away from the city walls. It was built in the 14th century BC and is believed to been haveused until5th century AD. Scientists havelocalized the altar, throne, and the largest known to science dolmen. The sanctuary is defined by archaeologists as the earliest so far found Thracian sanctuary in Southeastern Thrace and the Black Sea coast. Pottery found evidence that even in the 3rd century BC communication between people of Crete, Troy, Egypt and others was a fact. They were associated with the cult of fertility, the Mother Goddess and Orphic enlightenment and immortalization of Heron.

Sites around Primorsko

On the Primorsko territory there are several natural and historical reservation- natural reserves"Ropotamo" and "Vodni lilii",swamp "Arkutino" and "Stamopolu",sand dunes "Perla", the most eastern part of Strandja mountain - "Maslen nos" and unique Thracian village“Beglik Tash”.





1. Primorsko is strewn with ruins of ancient great cities.
2. During 3 century BC here was the main connection between Crete, Troy, Egypt and others.
3. The town was a part of one of the oldest fortress cities in Bulgaria - Ranuli.



1.  It's easy to go there by car.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Burgas is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


Video of Primorsko

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