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General information about Obzor

Obzor is small town in Southeastern part of Bulgaria. It is located in municipality Nessebar. It is located on the beach on 65 km from Varna, 74 km from Burgas and 37 km from Nessebar. It is in beautiful bay. Obzor has been established itself as a popular sea resort. In the area there is a wonderful combination between sea and mountain. The area around is covered by forests. The beach is long about 10 km, which makes it one of the longest sand lines. The beaches in the area are very clean and water is pure, which make it perfect for vacations on the sea coast. Around the area is located and another famous sea resort – Byala. There are a lot of complexes, hotels and restaurants in the resort.

Sites around Obzor


The region and the resort of Obzor have an ancient historical past. After colonizing of the old town Mesembria ( Nessebar), the settlers came to Obzor and make it part of the colony. There are different evidence for a big fortress, which was located in the area around the town. On the place of the town have been found a lot of ancient amphoras, coins and other artifacts. There was found ancient stone with proto-Bulgarians letters and symbols. A few years ago the archeologists have found ancient Roman bath.


The interesting historical past and monuments combined with the beauty of the nature make the resort preferred between tourists from different countries. The resort also offers a good opportunities for younger tourists – there are disco clubs, pubs and bars. Obzor is developing successfull tourism and attracts investors and businessmen, which have made a luxury sea complexes. The owners of houses are making guest houses and small family hotels.


The area offers a great tourist opportunities. There could be visited a lot of beautiful resorts on the sea coast. Near the resort is also one of the most beautiful villages Banya and one of the most clear and pristine beach Irakli. It is easy to visit all the resorts and sights in the area with car hire. You could start your trip from Varna, Burgas, Sofia or another resort. This area is for you if you like sea, dense forests and clear air. The landscape is unique and extremely picturesque. Find best offers for rental cars in Obzor!


1. The feast of the town is celebrating on 24 of June.
2. Near Obzor is the endangered area of the beach Irakli.
3. There could be practising a lot of different sports like windsurfing, cycling and others.



1.  It's easy to go there by car.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Obzor is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


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