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General information about Kavarna

Kavarna is small, beautiful town, located on the sea coast. It is 55 km away  on the north from Varna and only 20 km away from Balchik. And 50 km away on the west is located the town Dobrich. Kavarna is located in beautiful area, with diversity of sites and facilities for having a good time. The region has rich historical past, and that testify a lot of discoveries and artifacts found in the area. Near the beach have been found ruins, old churches and ancient fortress walls and necropolis. Kavarna and the area offer perfect conditions for recreational and eco tourism. In the sea around the town could be seen many different interesting fish species.

Sites around Kavarna


Kavarna is developing tourism successfully, thanks to its great conditions for sea hodilays. Except as a resort centre, the town attracts with its many historical and archeological discoveries. It is considered that the town has been established in 5th century by the greek colonizers. In ancient times, it was a commercial centre which helped to the merchants of the area and the merchants from Greece and Egypt to communicate and trade. The town has reached it bloom in 13th and 14thcentury.


Nowadays could be seen many interesting monuments as:

  • The city museum
  • is located near the ancient turkish bath Hamama. The exhibition shows the history of the town during the centuries. There could be seen the model of prehistoric cave village. In addition, there could be seen many weapons, items from the everyday life of the people and many others.
  • The ethnographic museum
  •  is an authentic house built in 19th century, which was owned by rich family. The exhibition of the house shows the daily life and the culture of the people a few centuries ago. The area where is located is extremely beautiful and green.
  • The old turkish bath Hamama
  •  - there is located a small museum. The exhibition includes many sea items, anchors and ceramic plates, found in the sea near Kavarna. In the town could be seen 2 old churches, built in the middle of the 19th century. They had important social and educational meaning for the town.

One of the most interesting sites near Kavarna is Kaliakra Cape. It is tight, and cliffy land which is in the sea. It has and very rich historical past, which is evidenced by many facts and discoveries. It is considered that Kaliakra was one of the first settlements in the ancient times. There is unique sea view. For the customers, there are small museum, church and a restaurant, which offers fresh sea dishes.


Kavarna is established as a tourist location, and there are many interesting monuments and places to visit, that`s why it is so preferred by the visitors. Organise your holiday with best offer for car hire in Kavarna.


1. Near Kavarna is located one of the best golf courses in the world - Thracian Cliffs.
2. Every summer Kavarna hosts one of the biggest rock festivals Kavarna Rock Fest.
3. Near Kavarna could be visited the beautiful resort Rusalka.



1. There is a car hire service on the Airport of Varna which make it easy to go Downtown or Kavarna.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Kavarna is 50 km/h within the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!

4. There are traffic cameras.

Video of Kavarna


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