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General information about Hisarya

Hisarya is a small beautiful townlocated at the area of Plovdiv city, on the foot of the mountain. The region is with hilly landscape, and it is due to the smooth transition from the lowlands to the mountains. The distance to the town with rental car from Sofia is about 175 km, 44 km from Plovdiv, about 400 km from Varna and 280 km from Burgas. Hisarya has developing successfully tourism activities during the last few years, thanks to its climate and mineral spings. The town attracts the visitors and with its unique historical and archeological finds from ancient times. Hisarya has also a great nature, and is famous with its beautiful parks, located on more than 100 ha size, and is home of more than 300 plant species. Among them are and some extremely rare species from different parts of the world. There are also many hotels, guest houses and restaurants which offer traditional bulgarian cuisine and local dishes.


Sites around Hisarya

Many interesting historical cultural and archeological sites can be seen with rental car. Between the most interesting are

  • Colonnade
    It is the same exact as the Roman Colonnade and is powered with mineral water spring. There are painted the main crystals of the mineral water on the vault of the colonnade.
  • Archeological museum
    It offers very rich of items and historical discoveries exhibition. Many of them hav preserved its authentic vision. The museum is established by general Todor Markov.
  • Termi of Deklitsianopol
    They are one of the few well preserved ruins on the Balkans.Hisarya In the town there are also a two famous churches:
  • Church St. Dimitar
    It is the oldest, and is built between 1845-1850.
  • Temple St. St. Petar and Pavel
    It is located in the neighborhood Miromir and is built in 1882.
  • Another interesting sites is the National community center which is established on 14 of November in 1904 with the agreement of the famous Bulgarian author. He donated his own books with autograph and also a books of another authors for the first collection.


You could visit Hisarya and the sites around with rented car from the airports or to get the car directly in Hisarya. In the town every year are celebrated many events, which attract many visitors. Among the most interesting are the Kuker processions during the Shrove Sunday, The temple feast,Hisarya Patron feast and the feast of the mineral springs. There are modern SPA and curative centres where can be cured different healthy problems.

Choose the most affordable car hire to visit Hisarya and all interesting sites which offers the area. There you could enjoy of the clean air, healing properties of the mineral spring and a great landscape too. Our partners provide rent a car services in the bigger cities and some of them offer deliveries to all points of the country.



1. There are 22 mineral springs in Hisarya.
2. The area of the contemporary town has been settled since very ancient times - about 5 century B.C.
3. Hisarya is famous with an interesting phenomenon - the town missing the fogs.


1. There are rent a car offices on the airports, where you could easy and fast hire a car to visit Hisarya and all sites around.
2. Maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h in Hisarya and 90 km/h non-urban.
3. Always keep the key and the documents of the rental car, do not leave them at the car!


Video of Hisarya

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