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General information about Gotse Delchev

Gotse Delchev is a beautiful mountain town, which is one of the most picturesque ine the country. It is located between 2 mountains at valley of Gotse Delchev of the Mesta river. It is situated in proximity to many winter and mountain resorts and areas, which are very interesting to the customers during all seasons. It is on about 200 km from Sofia and about 167 km from Plovdiv. It could be easy reached with cheap car hire from Car Hire Bulgaria. The old name of Gotse Delchev is Nevrokop. The region of the town is extremely greeny and has a clear air and wonderful views. It is good for visits as during the winter and summer with rental cars from the airports.

Gotse Delchev

Sites around Gotse Delchev

Gotse Delchev and the area are rich of picturesque landscapes, natural and cultural places to visit.

  • Ruins
    There could be seen the ancient fortress and it ruins of antique village, which show the history and the lifestyle of the civilizations which have inhabited these lands during the middle ages.
  • Momina Klisura
    At this ravine are located and the ruins of the late ancient-medieval fortress ravine Momina Klisura and also a ruins of the fortress near the village of Gospodintsi.
  • National Park Pirin
    It is one of the three national Bulgarian parks and is located Gotse Delchevon the biggers size of the mountain. The park is famous with its diversity animal and plant world.
  • Pirostiyata
    Represents a natural formation, which includes 3 streight stones and one lying on them. The lying one is known as always full of water, even in the dry season.

Near Gotse Delchev are located and some of the most beaufitul villages in the country, famous with its unique architectural and cultural values. Near the town there is a hunting hut - inside the forest. There is a historical museum in in Gotse Delchev too.


The town is situated near many of the best winter resorts, which are extremely preferred especially during the winter season, because of there are many international events which are hosted every year. In proximity to the town are located also a mieral springs which are on the way to the Rhodopi mountain and near it are located the popular architectural monuments with national importance Leshten and Kovatshevitsa villages. The distance to the village is only a few km, easy accessible with rented car.

Gotse Delchev Ours parnters offer rental cars for Gotse Delchev on best prices. You could easy find the best car hire offer and make online reservation with our website. The car could be picked up from the airport or from the resorts where our providers have offices.



1. Gotse Delchev has unique nature and very clean air.
2. It is considered that the town has been established in 2 century B.c from the Roman Emperor Trayan.
3. In Gotse Delchev is located the and the mosque which is cultural monumets - Karadzha pasha.


1.There are offices for rent a car on the Airports which make very easy to go to Gotse Delchev.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed is 50 km/h in Gotse Delchev and 90 km/h outside it.
3. Always keep the keys and the documents of the rented car, do not leave it in the car!


Video of Gotse Delchev

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