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General information about Elena

Elena is a legendary, small and picturesque mountain town. It is located in the Elenski Balkan mountain near the dam of Iovkovtsi. Elena is preferred destination for visits by the tourists because it has sucessfully preserved its authentic appearance. There are many beautiful and interesting buildings with unique architecture. The town is located on about 260 km from the capital Sofia, 198 km from Plovdiv, 189 km from Burgas and 214 km from the Sea Capital - Varna. Its location is perfect for visiting with rental car from bigger cities or resorts. Elena and the mountain area are perfect for eco and mountain tourism and at the same time offers good opportunities for fishing and hunting. Thanks to that the town is becoming a preferred destination during the summer and winter season.


Sites around Elena

In the town Elena has been preserved 147 monuments and some of them are of national importance. They most famous are:

  • Birth house of the famous Bulgarian churchman Ilarion Makariopolski
  • The clock tower
  • The first school with classes DaskalolivnitsaElena
  • Temple Church with bell tower - The Assumption
  • The Church St. Nikola
  • The five Razsukanovi houses
  • Popnikolovata house

There are more than 6000 ancient items which are with national meaning. In Elena also can be visited and a few very interesting museums which have an interesting exhibitions. Some of them are for the Revival Period, and one of the most interesting is Museum of Paleontology, which has unique collection of fossils.


In addition to the historical and architectural monuments of the town and area, there are many nature monuments too. There can be seen interesting waterfall, caves, rocks, eco roads and mountain tops. Elena The proximity of the dam Iovkovtsi and the other 8 micro dam gives good conditions for camps and fishing, or just relaxing on its coast The accommodation options of the area are also very good. There are many hotels, guest houses and traditional restaurants. The cuisine of the area is very popular as there could be tasted some dishes which are loved all over the country and abroad

Choose between the best car hire offers to visit Elena and the area. Our partners provide rent a car services in the bigger cities, resorts and deliveries to all points of the country. Elena is perfect town resort for a few days or more among the nature and mountains.



1. The population of Elena is about 6500 people.
2. The main occupation of the settlers in the past were the crafts.
3. It is considered that Elena and the region have been settled since fourth millennium BC.


1. There are rent a car offices on the airports, where you could easy and fast hire a car to visit Elena and all the interesting sites around.
2. Maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h in Elena and 90 km/h non-urban.
3. Always keep the key and the documents of the rental car, do not leave them at the car!


Video of Elena

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