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General information about Chepelare

Chepelare is very picturesque mountain town which is also considered itself as a preferred winter resort. The town is very beautiful and has perfect conditions for touristic visits, especially during winter season. The resort town is on about 1200 m above sea level and provides great views from the hills. It is also located on 220 km from the capital, and on only about 70 km away from Plovdiv which make it easy to visit by rental car from the airports. Chepelare offers and good conditions for accommodation, there has many hotels, huts and others. During the last few years were invested many money in the sphere of the ski sports. Thanks to that, Chepelare is developing successfully winter and summer tourism.


Sites around Chepelare

Chepelare and the region have very ancient historical past, which is evidenced by many discoveries. There has been found many different discoveries as necropolis, ancient ruins and many others. The area is very rich of tourist sites and opportunities for enjoy. The proximity to Pamporovo make it perfect for your ski trip. Near Chepelare is located also and the longest ski track Mechi chal, which is considered also as one of the best alpine tracks in the country. Near to top Mechi Chal was made a chair lift. It is preferred from skiers and all of those, who like winter sports. On about few minutes with rental car is located the architectural reserve Shiroka laka village, where could be seen an unique old houses with traditional architecture. Pamporovo and Chepelare are between the highly preferred and visited ski resorts in the area during the winter period. In the summer season there are good possibilities for walks among the mountain and eco tourism. In the area of the town there are situated and a lot of ores which help for developing of metallurgy industry.


Interesting sites around Chepelare are also:

  • Museum of the ski
  • - which is the one ski museum in the country.
  • Museum of Rhodope Karst
  • - which is the one on the Balkans.
  • Museum of speleological activities
  • - established in 1980 from Dimitar Raichev.
  • Church Assumption
  • - which was built and painted in 1866 .
  • Church St. Anastasii Veliki
  • - built for only 40 days.
  • The reserve Momchilovsi dol
  • - which is black pine forest.
  • Chudnite mostove
  • - rock phenomenon, which could be easy visited by rental car.


Very beautiful mountain villages are the starting point to a different eco roads and tourist routes for a mountain transition. In the central part is located a square, which is very preferred for relax and enjoy. The excellent hotel complexes, guest houses and restaurants which offer traditional bulgarian dishes make it very attractive. Near to Chepelare is located and the famous balneological resort Narechenski bani.

In addition to all sites, around Chepelare could be visited and many interesting caves. The clear air and the breath taking panoramic landscapes make the area perfect for recreational tourism. From Chepelare could be visited Pamporovo, Smolyan, Devin, Dospad and many other towns and resorts with rental car.

The area has nature phenomenons and also a nature reserves, which preserve rare animal and plant species. You could easy visit Chepelare and the area with rent a car from the airports in Sofia and Varna.


1. Chepelare is the highest town in Bulgaria.
2. From the starting point of the lift station in Chepelare to the top Mechi Chal, the chair lift make the distance for only 9 minutes.
3. The snow cover lasts between 80-120 days per year.



1. There is a car hire service on the Airports which make it easy to go to Chepelare..
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Chepelare is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!

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