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General information about Burgas

Burgas has a population of about 210 300 citizens and is the second regional administrative centre at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The city is located on 390 kilometers eastern from Sofia. You can travel to Burgas from Sofia or Varna using a car hire or directly pick up a cheap car hire in Burgas. We have specially negotiated and compared cheap car hire offers in Burgas, too. The climate is favorable for recreation – the winters are mild and the summers are long and sunny. The beaches in Burgas are covered with dark sand, which has special healing characteristics. Burgas is the fourth biggest city in Bulgaria, after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

Sites around Burgas

Burgas is more than two thousand years old. The name of the city is derived from the Greek “pirgos” or “burgos” meaning a fortress, a tower. That was connected with the numerous fishermen’s towers in the region. There are many tourist attractions in Burgas.


The Burgas Art gallery features 2000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and black and white drawings by famous artists. The art gallery is located in the building of the former synagogue, which is a marvelous monument of architecture. The Ethnographical museum is located in a beautiful 19th century house. There you can see the only collection of Bulgarian traditional costumes of all ethnographic groups in the region of Burgas, as well as the most attractive collection of folklore practices and celebrations. Replaying of church and folklore holidays are also organized in the museum. The historical museum presents the modern history of Burgas and the region.


The natural history museum is the only one of its kind in the southern part of the Black Sea Coast. The magical world of stones, the flora and fauna in Strandzha Mountain, and the bird variety of Burgas Wetlands collections are part of the exposition. All this sights can be easily reached with a cheap car hire in Burgas. There is also a beautiful sea garden in Burgas, with lots of flower beds, trees, and sculptures. Another interesting site is the St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral with its frescoes and wooden alter. The Armenian Church, the Catholic Cathedral, and the St. Deva Maria and St. Ivan Rilski churches are also of great interest to tourists. Burgas is surrounded by three lakes – the Burgas Lake, the Atanasovsko Lake, and the Mandrensko Lake. 

BurgasThe Burgas Lake is the largest natural lake in Bulgaria. It is also knows as the Via Lake and its water surface is 2760 hectares. 60 species of invertebrates, 23 fish species, and 254 bird species inhabit the lake. Nine of them are among the rare species of the world. The Atanasovsko Lake is home of 314 bird species. The lake is divided into two parts by the Burgas-Varna road. The northern part is a nature reserve and the southern one is a buffer zone. The Mandrensko Lake is the southernmost of the three Burgas lakes. Five fish species of the Bulgarian Red Book of Endangered Species inhabit it. Over 250 bird species live there.  The rare birds that inhabit the lake are very interesting. Many ornithologists visit Burgas, because of the bird species and travel around the region using a car hire. Book your car hire in Burgas today and enjoy your summer holiday as much as you can.



1. The Ombudsman of Bulgaria Ginyo Ganev is from Burgas.
2. Burgas Free University is one of the newest on the Balkans. It is established in 1991.
3. There are three lakes near the city which are Protected Areas: Burgas Lake, Atanas Lake and Mandren Lake.
4. In 17-th century Burgas is called Pirgos or Burgos.
5. Port of Burgas is the biggest one on Bulgaria’s East Cost.



1. There is a car hire service on the Airport of Burgas which make it easy to go Downtown.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Burgas is 50 km/h withtin the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!


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