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General information about Belmeken

With the name Belmeken are known - mountain top in Rila, as also a hut and a sports base. The mountain top is with height of 2626 m, and can be reached by the side of the dam. The dam is located among the downstream of the Sestrimska river, and is the highest on the Balkans with its 1923 m above sea level. The location high in the mountain among the hills reveals a wonderful views which have to be seen. The location of the hut is very good - on the coast of the Ravnivrashko dam offers to its customers a good acommodation options with all necessities. It has a 30 beds hotel part and a kitchen with a small restaurant. The sport complex in the area is located between the mountains Rila and Pirin and near the dam Belmeken and national park Rila. The distance to Sofia is about 116 km with rental car. The sport complex has a places for fitness, boxing, biathlon and others. At the modern ski truck near the complex can be got a ski lessons from professionals. The hut Belmeken has also and indoors swimming pool.


Sites around Belmeken

The area around Belmeken is extremely beautiful, picturesuqe and rich of interesting places to visit:

  • The area Byalata skala
    The area around it has been settled from the Thracians about 5000 years ago. The form and sizes of the rock were the reason to be used as a natural fortress. It is located on 25 km to Velingrad. On its top there is also an ancient sancutary, where have been found many antique items.
  • Iundola resort
    It has few ski truck, great for ski runs and skiing during the winter season. The snow cover remains comparatively longer - about 80 days of the year. There are a few tourist routes started from the resort to the mountain tops and eco routes. You can easy reach that picturesque place with rental cars.
    Velingrad is on about half an hour away with hired car, Belmekenand the way is extremely green and beautiful because it passes along the Lukovitsa river.
  • The region Stariyat chark
    Located in proximity to Velingrad and offers spacious fiels, green forests and places for picnic and relax among the nature.

There can be visited the cave Lepenitsa, which is with length of 1525 m, and has galleries located on 2 stages, as also underground river and dam. At the cave can be seen many interesting entities as stalactites, stalagmites and stalactones. One of the biggest riches of the cave are the cave pearls. In addition the region is rich of temples and churches, which have to be visited. Their routes passes through various tourist ways.

Belmeken With rented car you can easy visit the dam, the rest house (hut) and the mountain top Belmeken during the whole winter. Then you could spent a pleasent time among the clean mountain air and the great picturesque landscapes. The great conditions for eco tourism and walks, combinated with sports facilities will make your holiday unforgettable. Our partners have offices on the airports and some of them offer deliveries to the winter and summer resorts of the country as also to Belmeken.



1. The name Belmeken means "popular place".
2. During the winter seasons there is a possibility of avalanche on the slopes.
3. The old name of Belmeken is "Old top".


1.There are offices for rent a car, where you could easy and fast hire a car, to visit all interesting sites in the area.
2. The maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h at urban and 90 km/h non urban conditions.
3. Always keep the keys and the documents of the rented car, do not leave them at the car!


Video of Belmeken

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