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General information about Batak

Batak is small mountain town with unique nature, manu historical, cultural and natural sites. It is located in a valley of the Stara reka river - on over 1000 m above the sea level. The distance with rental car to the capital is only about 147 km, 325 km to Burgas, 63 km from Plovdiv, and about 448 km from Varna. The town is popular of its sad fame after the April Uprising. Nowadays Batak and the area are developed as a preferred holiday destination thanks to their great mountain landscapes, and there is also the famous Batak dam nearby. On the coast of the dam is constructed a resorts village Tsigov Tshark which is very preferred during the whole year.


Sites around Batak

The area is very rich of sites, Batak is part of the 100 national touristic objects of Bulgaria. Here are some of the most popular resorts which have to be visited with hired car:

  • Historical museum
    The museum includes its building, the church ossuary Sveta Nedelya, Balinovata and Sharovata houses. The exhibition is situated on over 900 sq.m. Balinovata house is architectural monument since 1968. The unique architecture combined with the exhibition make it historical monument with national importance. The Church Sveta Nedelya was built for 75 days with the labor of the citizens in 1813. THe church has unique architecture - it is fully constructed by stone, and its gates are made by oak tree.
  • Tsigov Tshark and Batak dam
    The resort complex is situated on the coast of the dam on about 7 km away from the town. The resorts has a great conditions for accommodation - there are rest houses, hotels and guest houses. The dam provides great conditions for fishing and water sports. The winter there are good offers for skiing, as there was made a ski truck with length of 1500 m.
  • Area Shiroka Polyana
    It has an unique nature forms - forests and spacious fields. Great place for camps and walks among the nature. BatakFor those who love hunting, the area have good offers for it.
  • Dams Dospat and Sarnitsa
    There are great tourism conditions, many restaurants, hotels, guest houses, camps and eco routes. The area is perfect for hunters and fishermen.


You could easy visit endangered areas and sanctuaries to find out the various plant and animal world with rent a car from Sofia or Plovdiv. Batak and the region are easy accessible with rental car and have conditions for tourism during the whole year. Scientists from NASA considered that the most clean air on the planet is in Batak.

Batak Visit Batak and Tsigov Tshark resort during the winter season, to go skiing or during the sumer, to enjoy the clean air, eco tourism, walks among the nature, hunting and fishing. Our partners have offices on the airports in the country, and some of them offer deliveries to winter and summer resorts of the country.



1. Every year on 17 of May is the anniversary of the April Uprising.
2. The average temperature of Batak is about 10°С.
3. The area is settled since ancient times, which is evidenced by many ruins of ancient towns and fortresses.


1.There are offices on the Airports, where can easy rent a car to reach Batak.
2. The maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h in Batak and 90 km/h outside it.
3. Always keep the documents and the keys of the rented car, do not leave them at the car!


Video of Batak

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