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General information about Albena

Albena resort is located on the north part of Bulgarian sea coast, next to Varna and Balchik. It is famous with very beautiful beaches and cool forest landscapes. You can reach Albena resort easy, when you book a car for rent from Varna, or just to reserve a cheap rental car to Albena. It is 36 km away from Varna, 5 km from the resort village Kranevo and 10 km from Balchik. Rental Cars provide easy and fast access to the resort. One of the ways to reach Albena is the road near Golden Sands and of Kranevo, it has a great sea view. The other way is through the village Aksakovo and Kumanovo. The second way has a different landscapes, principally forests.

Sites around Albena

Albena Albena is famous with spacious and long sandy beach with a length of about 5 km and latitude of 150 m. The resort is highly preffered by the customers because of its nature, crystal air and of course for the peacefull area. It offers a modern hotels with a good locations. Every year Albena has been visited by thousands of customers from all over the world. In addition of many entertainments the visitors can visit also Balchik. There is a castle of the Romanian queen Maria, and the Botanical garden which includes a lot of different plant species. You can see over our suggestions for the rental cars, the best offers, which are specially selected for you!


The resort offers a lot of amusements, pubs, walk in a carriage, disco clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools and a unique beach. Albena has been awarded with a prize “Blue Flag”, because of its extremely clear long sand beach, clear sea water and crystal air. The air is such because of the forest landscape, and a well kept wildlife sanctuary “Baltata”. It is located in the area of village Obrochishte and reaches the beach. There is an unique for Europe longose forest with a size of over 18 hectares. Baltata is popular with interesting animal and plant spieces. Many people buy properties around Albena, because of the wonderful nature which combines sea and wonderful green hills.

In Albena has a lot offers for great experience and it organizes a lot of forums, horse competitions, sport tournaments and congresses every year. Other interesting site is the main street in the resort - there could be seen a lot of different arts and handcrafts. You could also buy interesting souvenirs. There are a few


golf courses, and you could reach it easily with a rental car. In Kavarna, which is a city located near Albena (about 30 minutes by car), every year there are a lot of big rock koncerts, and there take a part one of the most famoust rock names in the history of the rock music. Make your choice of best car hire deal in Albena!


1. Albena has one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria.
2. There are over 28 protected plant species in that area.
3. There are over 180 different species of birds.
4. Albena has been established official in 1969.



1. There is a car hire service on the Airport of Varna which make it easy to go Downtown or Albena.
2. The maximum allowed driving speed with the car hire in Varna is 50 km/h within the city and 90 km/h outside built-up areas.
3. Always keep the car hire keys and documents with you. Do not leave them inside the car!

4. There are traffic cameras.

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